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WNC BEST Mission

Western North Carolina Behavioral Education, Services and Treatment (WNC BEST) is a private organization whose goal is to provide science based intervention for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. WNC BEST works with families, related professionals, and educators in order to maximize potentials for early learners.

The mission of WNC BEST is to provide individualized plans to tailor each child’s needs with speech and language, cognitive and academic, self-help and social skills. Treatment is intensive and uses principles of applied behavior analysis, a science which investigates and changes behaviors through direct interaction.

Autism is a treatable disorder, and children and their families who have been affected by this diagnosis can learn skills which make each day a day of potential and commitment to learning. Early intervention which is intensive, science-based and includes the family can make the difference of a lifetime. Please call WNC BEST to learn how this treatment could help your young child with Autism.

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